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Watch list
LMS Autumn algebra school 2020
Keller's DG category lecture
Ultra-simplistic arXiv - to list all revisions and new submissions together
MR Lookup - best for BibTeX
Monoidal and 2-cat's @ UEA

Seminar/Mailing lists:
  ├-Tokyao-Nagoya Algebra Seminar (backup)
  ├-Grad. School of Math. Nagoya - Research calendar
  ├-Ring Homepage [JP/EN] (JP-oriented info list for ring+rep thy)
  ├-South Osaka Algebra Seminar [JP]
  ├-OCAMI Algebra Seminar [JP]
  └-Yamaguchi Algebra Seminar [JP]
  ├-ARTIN (Algebra and Representation theory in the North)
  ├-BLOC (Bristol Leicester Oxford Colloquium)
  ├-Freemath Seminar
  ├-Edinburgh Hodge Institute
  └-FCG (Functor categories for groups)
  ├-Silting Network
  ├-Math Seminars
  ├-IMJ-PRG webinar [FR]
  ├-FDLIST (Info list for rep thy of f.d. alg)
  ├-Lie groups and representation theory Japan [JP]
  ├-JP Geometry mailing list archive
  └-JP Infinite Analysis mailing list

Representation Theory related:
GAP4 Package - Quiver and Path Algebras
Jan Geuenich's string algebra applet  (new version with translate-to-QPA function)
 ⤷QPA output to String Applet file Translator - Display quiver from QPA nicely using String Applet
Haruhisa Enomoto's SageMath functions for finite lattice of torsion classes
Sergay Fomin's Cluster Algebra portal
quiver - WYSIWYG editor for quiver and commutative diagram
Database of ring theory
Universitat Bielefeld (Germany) BIREP Archive
Mikhail Khovanov's RepThy resources and references
Benson's Mathematics Link Collection
Benson's RepThy and Cohomology preprint archive
Noncommutative algebraic geometry portal
The symmetric functions catalog by Per Alexandersson
Algebraic topology: a guide to literature [JP]

  ├-Takahide Adachi (Yamaguchi)
  ├-Takuma Aihara (Tokyo Gakugei)
  ├-Véronique Bazier-Matte (Connecticut)
  ├-Erik Darpö (Nagoya)
  ├-Laurent Demonet
  ├-Takuma Honma (Tokyo Science Univ)
  ├-Osamu Iyama (Nagoya)
  ├-Steffen Koenig (Stuttgart)
  ├-Yuming Liu (Beijing Normal)
  ├-René Marczinzik (Stuttgart)
  ├-Volodymyr Mazorchuk (Uppsala)
  ├-William Wong
  ├-Kayla Wright (Minnesota)
  └-Zhen Zhang (Beijing Normal)
Other Professionals
  ├-Claire Amiot
  ├-Hideto Asashiba (Shizuoka)
  ├-Mandy Man Wai Cheung (Harvard)
  ├-Alex Dugas (Pacific)
  ├-Haruhisa Enomoto
  ├-Karin Erdmann (Oxford)
  ├-Joseph Grant (East Anglia)
  ├-Gustavo Jasso (Bonn)
  ├-Ryoichi Kase (Okayama Science)
  ├-Ryo Kanda (Osaka)
  ├-Bernhard Keller (Paris Diderot)
  ├-Aaron Lauda (USC)
  ├-Yin Li (King's College London)
  ├-Cheuk Yu Mak (Cambridge)
  ├-Bethany Marsh (Leeds)
  ├-Paul Martin (Leeds)
  ├-Andrew Mathas (Sydney)
  ├-Vanessa Miemietz (East Anglia)
  ├-Steffen Oppermann (NTNU Trondheim)
  ├-Yu Qiu (Tsinghua)
  ├-Claus Michael Ringel (Bielefeld)
  ├-Ralphael Rouquier (UCLA)
  ├-Sibylle Schroll (Cologne)
  ├-Catherina Stroppel (Bonn)
  ├-Kai Meng Tan (N.U.Singapore)
  ├-Hipolito Treffinger (Bonn)
  ├-ChangChang Xi (Capital Normal)
  ├-Xiaoting (Joey) Zhang (Capital Normal)
  └-Yu Zhou (Tsinghua)

Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (Youtube)
Issac Newton Institute: 2008 Algebraic Lie Theory
Kyoto University Video live streaming for Maths
MSRI: Intorductory workshop on cluster algebras and commutative algebra
MSRI: Soergel bimodule summer school 2017
QGM Master class: Categorification
QGM Master class: Soergel bimodules
Taylor Dupuy's Vlog (Youtube)
Uppsalsa algebra (Youtube) - video of Uppsala's reading seminar, great source for learning the BGG category O.

Tools for online Maths discussion:
Mathcha.io - semi-WYSIWYG maths doc editor with excellent drawing ability
WhiteboardFox - online realistic whiteboard
MathIM - Chatroom which understand latex syntax
AWW - online whiteboard that can be embedded on webpages

Other Tools and such like:
MathOverflow and Math.StackExchange
RIMS Kokyuroku (also: List of Online First)
GraTeX - Combine Desmos Graphing calculator with LaTeX
EGA English translation
Old books with high-quality typesetting
TeXromancers - Open project that typeset old maths book
tikzCD editor - WYSIWYG style tikzcd editor
Quiver editor - WYSIWYG style tikcd editor of quiver and 2-morphism
Index of the "What is...?" column of the Notices of AMS Sphere eversion

Latex related:
TeX/LaTeX in StackExchange
TeXclip - Generate png/svg/eps from maths equation
xy-pic examples
TikZ examples
Affine Dynkin diagrams in Latex
Use of mathop
Sage+TikZ to draw polytopes Draw a torus and its curves with TikZ

Former Affiliations:
  ├-Matematiska institutionen, Uppsala Universitet
  ├-Istitute of Mathematics, University of Aberdeen
  └-DPMMS, University of Cambridge PlanetMath browser - very useful if you find PlanetMath being way too slow
CU Graduate Maths Society - site for gradauates mathmo
Clemens Koppensteiner's blog - alternative version of Algebraic Geometry notes.
Gareth Taylor's notes
Weatherill's notes
Notes on Archimedean
lzz20 - Lee provides a few lecture notes too
Will Merry's notes - various Part III (the previous year) geometry courses notes on his site