Input Force vertices to be labelled by numbers   
Force arrows to be labelled by alphabets

  QPA quiver code:

  QPA relation code:

Input format:
For quiver:
Quiver( [.. list of vertices ..], [..[src,tar,arr_name]..] )
"Quiver()" can be omitted.
For relations:
[ ... list of relations ... ]
(1) Input data and click "Translate to QPA" button
    [Optional] Modify result in the ouput box     [Optional] Click "Save to .sba file" to save the output to a file named ".sba", if wanted
(2) Click "Transfer to String Applet" (I thank Jan Geuenich for extending this functionality!)

Known Limitation:
- Only less than 25 vertices allowed.
- Display of quiver in the String Applet can be ugly; one needs to manually move the vertices around to get better view.
- Can only detect finite field of characteristic at most 61
- Email me (aaron dot kychan at gmail dot com) for comments and issues