(1) Input data and click
(2) [Optional] Modify output in output box if needed
(3) [Optional] Click to save the output to a file named ".sba", if wanted
(4) Click to transfer output to String Applet (I thank Jan Geuenich for extending this functionality!)

Force vertices to be labelled by numbers    Force arrows to be labelled by English letters

QPA quiver code:

QPA relation code:

Input format:
For quiver:
Quiver( [.. list of vertices ..], [..[src,tar,arr_name]..] )
"Quiver()" can be omitted.
For relations:
[ ... list of relations ... ]
Known Limitation:
- Only less than 25 vertices allowed.
- Display of quiver in the String Applet can be ugly; one needs to manually move the vertices around to get better view.
- Email me (aaron dot kychan at gmail dot com) for comments and issues