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Full Name: Aaron Kay Yam Chan (you can find me on Facebook)
- Designated assisstant professor (YLC fellow) @ Institute of Advanced Research, Nagoya University, Japan (April 2019 - March 2024)
- JSPS International Fellow (mentor: Prof. O. Iyama) @ Nagoya University, Japan (April 2016 - March 2019)
- Research assisstant (mentor: Prof. O. Iyama) @ Nagoya University, Japan (April 2016 - March 2017)
- Post-doctoral researcher (mentor: Prof. V. Mazorchuk) @ Uppsala Universitet, Sweden (Sept 2014 - April 2016)
- Ph.D. student (supervisor: Dr. W. Turner) @ University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK (Oct 2010 - July 2014)
Research Interest:
- Tilting and derived category of finite dimensional algebras + related topics
- Special biserial algebras + related combinatorics and geometry
- Relative homological algebra, Morita-Tachikawa and Auslander type correspondence
- 2-representation theory of Mazorchuk-Miemietz
- simple-minded systems and stable equivalences of self-injective algebras
- quasi-hereditary algebras and highest weight categories, standard Koszul algebras

Ethnic Background:

Ethnically Chinese, British-born, Hong Kong-raised.

Language fluency:

Cantonese Chinese (native), English (fluent), Mandarine Chinese (fluent-ish), Japanese (elementary), Swedish (mostly forgotten apart from basic phrases)

Hobbies and Interests (Current and Past):

-Yoyo, devil-stick, Rubik's cube
-Drum, bass guitar, flute; arcade music game (chunithm, ongeki, GITADORA, nostalgia, pop n'music, maimai)
-Game programming (C/C++ with DirectX, JavaScript)
-General/maths programming (MATLAB, GAP system, R, Mathematica)
-Computer language fluency (from strong to weak): HTML+JavaScript+CSS, MATLAB, C/C++, GAP system, PHP, R, Mathematica, BASIC, ML
-Music video directing, filming, cutting. See what I have done:
|---Jay Chow's Initial D Parody
|---CUCS Variety Show 2008 Euterpe
|---Recursion by PuiChing Ho
|---Fantasy by CB3
|---Miracles by Speaka